What is Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork (also called Naud  Boran or Thai Yoga Massage) started over 2,000 years ago in Thailand.  It is an ancient, compassionate energy based healing art that uses a holistic approach to amazingly fuse different techniques and modalities into its own interactive and unique style.  A session incorporates a combination of acupressure, reflexology, assisted yoga like stretches, and massage like techniques, with a focus on energy meridians (also known as sen lines).  It is much like having "Yoga done to you" and is often referred to as "Lazy Man's Yoga".  The client is fully clothed for the session and no oils or lotions are used.  The session is preformed on a mat on the floor. 

Thai Yoga Bodywork is the perfect compliment to any exercise routine, and is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities.  The classic bodywork session can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs, and can be used as a form of physical therapy to aide in the increase of range of motion, and muscular strength.  Therefore it is a perfect compliment to any athletes training program, as it's unique way of combining the different modalities, along with how they are applied to often untouched areas of the body, allows this therapy work to enhance any training program, without the conflicts that can sometimes happen.

The holistic approach deals with the "whole" of the human (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects) to maintain optimum health.

The traditional session can be scheduled from 1 to  2 hours long.  A more relaxing 30 minute introductory type session is also available.

Could you benefit from:

Increased flexibility?
Increased mobility?
Improved circulation?
Renew your strength and vital energy?
Stimulate your immune system?
Relax muscle tension?
Release blocked emotions?
Relief from chronic fatigue?
A general feeling of calm, peacefulness, harmony and balance?


If you answered yes to any of these, then Thai Yoga Bodywork Therapy is

Other benefits include: Improved heart rate, improved digestion, balances hormones and autonomic nervous system, relaxation, improved posture and alignment.



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